Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the Year 20 Eleven - The Year of Destruction

This is a very apocalyptic based visual narrative with inspiration taken from the book "Number in Scripture" by E. W. Bullinger.

Numerics is the study of numbers in relation to scripture and their symbolism; not to be confused with numerology where numbers are sought to affect a person's characteristics or life events. Numerics is applied to events and provides a picture of their symbolism and what they are signifying. Bible numerics looks at the spiritual significance and symbolic connotation of numbers which abide by the Law of First Principle in relating to contexts within the sacred bible.

The number eleven marks disorder, disorganisation, imperfection, disintegration, destruction and chaos.

The number ten signifies the perfection of order; then eleven is an addition to it, it's adding something extra to it and adulterating it. It is subversive of and undoes that order.

Twelve is the number which marks the perfection of government, then eleven falls short of it. It takes away from it, subtracts from it, making it not whole.

Author advises that this piece is not prophetic nor intends to forecast or predict any major catastrophy, but is a picture signifying the relevance of number in scripture.

Conflict in the Middle East - will history repeat itself?
Historically Nebucchadnezzar came up and began his destructive work on Jerusalem (2 Kings 23: 36, 24:1, 2 Chronicles 36: 5, 6), during Jehoiakim's reign of 11 years.

Nebucchadnezzar put an end to Israel's rule in Jerusalem for "in the 11th year the city was broken up." (Jer 39:2).

For a more modern example we can think of 9/11. 9 in bible numerics means finality. This was about final destruction on American soil, in order to engage them into war.

Still it was the eleventh year in which Ezekial prophesised against Tyre (Ezek 26: 1) and against Egypt (30:20 and 31:1) was the 11th year Zedekiah, in which Jerusalem was broken up.

Eleven hundred occurs twice in the bible, both referring to days of defective administration, marked by the fact that there was "no king". It signifies ruin and loss of government. Now we only have to think about the Middle East to see these spiritual forces coming into play as governments and monarchies disintegrate.

Armistice - 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month (so close to 12), that it was then the end of that destruction, ending the end of WWI.

Leviathan Stirs
In the ancient Near East a monster is a common symbol to represent a water chaos that threatens life.

The Akkadian creation epic Enuma elish - introduces us to the battle with chaos in creation.

Rahab and Leviathan the sea monsters combine to battle it out, creating major storms as they restlessly try and encroach on the land.

Yahweh's control of the cosmic waters (post primeval waters) is simply a job for the angels; apocalyptically the great beasts representing the nations, will emerge from the waters crying peace, peace but only for a while before a great war breaks out.

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