Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet Bishop Valentine

Bishop, Saint, Physician, Priest Valentine

St Valentine (died AD 269)
St Valentine was a priest, bishop and physician (as well as a Saint) living in the Roman Empire. During that time Emperor Claudius the Goth was raising a large army. The Emperor believed single men made better soldiers. This encouraged young single men to secretly marry, as they had now been forbidden under Roman law. So it was Valentine who married these young men. And for this treachery he was imprisoned and beheaded on February 14.

While he was in prison, Valentine befriended the blind daughter of his gaoler. Acting like an apostle of 1st and 2nd centuries he healed her and converted his captor to believe in the gospel from Jesus Christ.

As for sending messages, well medieaval folk noticed that birds began to pair around the middle of February and it was thought that lovers might exchange notes around this time as well. The cards took on his name being the patron of lovers.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Part V: The Exorcist

The visual narrative is below.

The Ultimate Exorcist

Thoughts come from three places:
The subconscious mind, God, and the devil.

The holy angels are messengers; they carry messages from God to us, and from us to God. Satan’s fallen angels (evil spirits / demons) are also messengers, but of evil. Messages from angels -- both holy and fallen -- come to us as “thoughts.”

“Angels and fallen angels (demons) can project thoughts and images on your mind.”
_ Fr. John Corapi, SOLT

Some of the images used:

Alchemic removal of demons

Daniel Hopfer

Crispijn de Passe, 1623

St Anthony, Martin Schongauer

Jesus with the "Legion" inside a man