Monday, November 8, 2010

Gods' Man - a novel in woodcuts by Lynd Ward

This is a book republished by Dover Publications. On every page is a wood cut by Lynd Ward. His workmanship is exquisite.

Reading it is like watching one of those silent films, as this book has no words on the pages. It is totally a picture book  --- Alice would have loved it.

It is about a young male artist who is seduced by a whore who takes advantage of him, he is then beaten by the pimps. It also brings a measure of the 'Faust' appeal, as he takes a sceptre from the devil himself.

When he is happily married with a family, the devil comes back ... but I'll let you enjoy the 'siting' of the pages.

This book was the inspiration for my visual narrative "Strumpets of Sodoma - the burning". It is dedicated to all those Sir Simple's out there.

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