Tuesday, April 5, 2011

in The Maze of the Labyrinths

SO here it finally is! Phantasmagoria in the maze of the labyrinths. Yes, make your choice --- the road less travelled or the wide road?

The Maze of the Labyrinths
These labyrinth's are filled with symbolism.

Tree of Life (evergreen tree is immortality of the soul) in the middle vs the minotaur (but there is always salvation from that even if that road is taken) - the sword (spiritual weapon).

Crown of thorns: Jesus and persecution.

Grapes: for nourishment. The Eucharist.

Ivy: faithfulness, eternal life.

Crown: reward and eternal life.

Beehive: honeyed words.

Egg: resurrection

Chain: imprisonment; broken chains - liberation.

Lamp: Truth, light, divine inspiration. Word of God.

Water: purification.

Swallow: because it hides itself in the mud during winter, the incarnation. Because of its return in the spring, resurrection.

Butterfly: transformation and resurrection.

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