Friday, December 10, 2010

Part II: Meet the Mad Hatter - the Psychology of Insanity

The latest visual narrative in the series Knight Move Thinking. This one is about the psychology of insanity.

Everywhere, in all times, among all classes of humanity insanity is denoted by an enormous expansion of egotism. The expansion is so great that for the time being it constitutes a state of mind in which the sense of self in the victim is exaggerated to the point of supreme superiority to any and all others. Whoever, or whatever seems to question this superiority, is at once an anathema, is a fit subject for discipline, for being "put in their proper place." A corollary manifestation is an immense acceleration of pride, of conceit, of vanity, of determination to demand respect and obedience.

There is no room for Love but self-love, any sympathy but self pity, any charity but pardon and forgiveness to rebels who surrender, to converts who render obeisance, to supporters who accept without question the Authority.

Drawings from Sir John Tenniel.
Cards from : The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

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